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  1. Delivery within one month after publication.
  2. Catalogue of books printed in Cross River State.
  3. Publication in the Cross River State Gazette.
  4. Penalty.
  5. Interpretation.
  6. Short title.



A Law to provide for the reservation of copies of books printed in Cross River State.

(1st July, 1955)


  1. Delivery within one month after publication

(1)     The publisher of every book published in the State shall within one month after the publication, deliver at his own expense four copies of the book to the Commissioner, who shall arrange for their preservation in such manner and in such place as he may direct, and two copies each to the Library of the Ibadan University, the Cross River State of Nigeria Library Board, the University of Ghana, the University of Sierra Leone and the University of Nigeria:

Provided that the Commissioner may by order exempt from the provisions of this subsection any book or class of books specified in such order

(2)     The copies delivered shall be copies of the whole book with all maps and illustrations belonging thereto, finished and coloured in the same manner as the best copies of the book are published, and shall be bound, sewed or stitched together, and on the best paper on which the book is printed.

  1. Catalogue of books printed in Cross River State

There shall be kept at such office and by such officer as the Commissioner appoints a register to be called “The Catalogue of Books printed in Cross River State” wherein shall be registered as soon as may be after the delivery of any book under the provisions of this Law a memorandum of such book containing the following particulars—

(a)     the title of the book and the contents of the title page with a translation into English of such title page where the same are not in the English language;

(b)     the language in which the book is written;

(c)     the name of the author, translator or editor of the book;

(d)     the subject matter;

(e)     the place of printing and publication;

(f)      the names and addresses of the printers and publishers;

(g)     the date of the publication;

(h)     the number of sheets, leaves or pages;

(i)      the size of the book;

(j)      the number of the edition;

(k)     the number of the copies of which the edition consists;

(l)      the price at which the book is sold to the public;

(m)    the name and residence of the proprietor of the copyright or of any portion of such copyright.

  1. Publication in the Cross River State Gazette

A copy of the memoranda registered in the Catalogue during each quarter shall be published in the Cross River State Gazette.

  1. Penalty

Any person who fails to comply with any of the provisions of section 3 shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten naira.

  1. Interpretation

In this Law unless the context otherwise requires—

“book” includes every part or division of a book, newspaper, magazine, review, gazette, pamphlet, sheet of letterpress, sheet of music, map, plan, chart or table separately published, but shall not include a commercial advertisement or any second or subsequent edition of a book unless such edition contains additions or alterations either in the letterpress or in the maps, prints or other engravings belonging thereto;

“Commissioner” means the Commissioner for the time being charged with responsibility for Information Services.

  1. Short title

This Law may be cited as the Publications Law.




List of subsidiary legislation

  1. Publications (Exemptions) Order.


  1. Citation

This order may be cited as the Publications (Exemptions) Order.

  1. Exempted publications

The following publications are exempted from the provisions of subsection (1) of section 3 of the Publications Law—

(a)     all ordinary commercial and Government office stationery, such as, certificates, permits, licences, show cards, invoices, advice notes, waybills, bills or lading, receipts, vouchers, pay sheets, customs forms, professional stationery, trade advertisements, admission tickets, sports and entertainment programmes, account books, registers, diaries and calendars, when printed for ordinary and general use;

(b)     all maps and plans published by the Survey Division of the Ministry of Town Planning.

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