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1. Administration and Collection of Revenue for the Government of Nasarawa State and Local Government Councils Law
2. Child’s Right Law of Nasarawa State, 2005
3. Commercial (Hackney Carriage) Vehicle Permit and Other (Miscellaneous Provisions) Edict
4. Commercial Motorcycle Regulation Law
5. Community Volunteer Guard (Establishment) Law
6. Compulsory, Free Universal Basic Education Law
7. Creation of Additional Chiefdoms Law 2003
8. Creation of Title and Azara Chiefdom Edict
9. Creation of Turunku Chiefdom Edict 1999
11. Criminal Procedure Code Law
12. Farmers and Herdsmen (Prevention and Settlement of Disputes) Edict
13 High Court of Nasarawa State (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2010
15. Nasarawa State Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy (Establishment) Law
16. Nasarawa State Agricultural Development Programme Edict, 1997
17. Nasarawa State AIDS Control Agency, NASACA
18. Nasarawa State Area Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 1971
19. Nasarawa State Area Courts Law
21. Nasarawa State Broadcasting Service Edict, 1997
22. Nasarawa State Christian Pilgrims’ Welfare Board Law, 1998
23. Nasarawa State College of Agriculture, Lafia, Edict, 1998
24. Nasarawa State College of Education, Akwanga Edict No. 16
25. Nasarawa State Community and Social Development Agency Law
26. Nasarawa State Community Tax Law
27. Nasarawa State Co-operative Development Agency Law
Nasarawa State Council for Arts and Culture Law 2005
28. Nasarawa State Creation of Additional Chiefdoms Law
29. Nasarawa State Creation of Electoral Wards Law
30. Nasarawa State Customary Court of Appeal (Appeals from Area Courts) Rules
31. Nasarawa State Customary Court of Appeal Law
32. Nasarawa State District Courts Law
33. Nasarawa State District Courts Rules
34. Nasarawa State Emergency Management Law
35. Nasarawa State Environmental Law
36. Nasarawa State Farm Mechanization Agency Edict, 1999
37. Nasarawa State High Court Law [High Court of Northern Nigeria Law]
38. Nasarawa State HIV/AIDS Control Agency
39. Nasarawa State Hospitals Management Board Edict, 1998
41. Nasarawa State Hotels and Tourism Board Edict
42. Nasarawa State House of Assembly Service Commission Law 2010
43. Nasarawa State Independent Electoral Commission
44. Nasarawa State Legislative Investigation (Procedure) Law
45. Nasarawa State Library Board Law 2003
46. Nasarawa State Library Law 2001
47. Nasarawa State Local Government Election Law
48. Nasarawa State Local Government Election Law 2003
49. Nasarawa State Local Government Law 2009
50. Nasarawa State Muslims Pilgrims’ Welfare Board Edict 1998
51. Nasarawa State Planning Commission Law 2008
52. Nasarawa State Polytechnic Law 2001
53. Nasarawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency Law
54. Nasarawa State Revenue Court for the Recovery of Government Revenue and Debts Law
55. Nasarawa State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency Law 2001
56. Nasarawa State Scholarship Board Edict
57. Nasarawa State School of Health Technology Law
58. Nasarawa State School of Nursing and Midwifery Law
59. Nasarawa State Sharia Court of Appeal 1997
60. Nasarawa State Specialist Hospital (Establishment) and Management Board Law 2000
61. Nasarawa State Teachers’ Service Commission Edict, No. 18, 1997
62. Nasarawa State Thuggery and other Related Offences (Prohibition) Law
63. Nasarawa State University, Keffi Law
64. Nasarawa State Urban Development Board Law
65. Nasarawa State Vocational and Relevant Technology Board Edict 1998
67. Nasarawa State Water Edict
68. Number of Judges of the Superior Courts of Record Law
69. Pension (Governor and Deputy Governor) Law 2006
70. Prohibition of Transportation, Trade and Slaughter of Donkeys Edict
71. Registration of Business Premises Premises Law
72. Remuneration of Political and Public Office holders at the Local Government Level/ Development Area Law 2009
73. Remuneration of Political and Public Office holders at the Local Government Level/ Development Area (Amendment) Law 2011
74. Remuneration of Political and Public Office holders at the State Level Law
75. Rent Control and Recovery of Premises Law
76. Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission Review Remuneration Package for the legislative arm of Local Government Council Law
77. The Penal Code of Nasarawa State
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